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With over 20 years of industry experience, ET Consult is a trusted B-BBEE consultant & advisory company. While we may have years of experience our view on B-BBEE is innovative, sustainable and centred on impact – the multiplier impact.

We have the skills, capabilities and network to assist you with all aspects of BEE compliance – covering all sectors.

B-BBEE compliance is viewed as a grudge purchase – if you want to do business in South Africa and have access to state contracts you need to comply. Mere compliance is not enough though, you need a good B-BBEE status level. But it doesn’t have to be a grudge purchase!

We want to help you shift your perception by focusing on the success stories that come out of sustainable B-BBEE strategies.

B-BBEE Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Baseline Assessments – we help you establish what your current BEE score is so that you can take the necessary steps to improve it
  • Supplier Assessments – we analyse your suppliers, to determine two things – 1. Which suppliers are responsible for you losing BEE points, and 2. Which suppliers can be leveraged to maximise your BEE score
  • Competitor Analysis – we conduct a thorough competitor analysis that determines how competitors fare in comparison to you, to help you maximise your selling advantage
  • BEE Gap Analysis & Recommendation Report – we identify where your business’s gaps are, to enable you to implement sustainable compliance strategies that close the gaps
  • BEE Strategic Policy & Plan Development – we implement your social upliftment programmes, on your behalf, including all compliance and administration; while you focus on what you do best.
  • Submission of BEE Reports – we develop and submit annual BEE Reports, to the BEE Commissioner’s office; within the required timeframes for Government, State-Owned Entities and JSE Listed Companies.
  • Public and Inhouse Workshops – we help your board stay abreast of legislative changes and how these will impact your organisations Empowerment and Transformation Strategy.

B-BBEE the ETC Way

Our approach to B-BBEE compliance spans all stages of transformation and empowerment.

This is displayed in our name: ETC – Empower | Transform | Comply

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